About Paintball Landmine.com

The creation of PaintballLandmine.com started with a few Paintballers and a plan to make a Durable, Low Cost, Advanced Paint Mine with enough kick to make someone jump while coating them in paint! After tons of research and ridiculous tests and prototypes, we have arrived with the Spraymore series. A complete line of advanced, durable, completely reusable Paintball Landmines that range from tripwire models to wirelessly detonated versions that are guaranteed to change the way you play Paintball!

Of course we will not stop our research and development. We have recently added our line of Foam Dart Landmines as well. We are currently working on a Motion Sensing Paint mine as well! Details will follow.

So whether you are slinging paint in a scenario game and want an extra line of defense, or if you just get a kick out of dousing your roommate with a cup of water. These things are a Blast… literally!

Any questions, or if you would like to order a few of these one of a kind Paintball Landmines, feel free to contact us at: Caleb@Spraymore.com
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